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We Stock a wide Range of Costumes for Hire. Plus, wigs, accessories and Make-up to go with your costume. We also have a large stock of Halloween items including Costumes, Weapons, Make-up and Lots more.    


Costume Hire Starts From £18.00 and can go upto £50.00, Each Costume has a returnable Security Bond which start from £20.00,
Payments Can Be Made By Cash Or Cheque Or Credit/Debit Cards,
Credit Cards Charged at 85p On Sales Less Than £20.00.

                         LATE RETURNED COSTUMES 

Late Returns Have A daily Rate That Is Charged , If The Costume Is Not Pre-Booked By Another Customer.The Daily Rate Applies For Only 3 Days.. After This The FULL Hire Charge Will Be Due On A Daily Basis.

However If The Costume/s Is/are Booked By Another Customer The Full Hire Charge Will Be Due For Every Day The Costume Is Overdue, Costumes That Have Been Pre-Booked By Another Party & Not Returned By The Due Date Will Incur An Extra Charge. This Could Be Upward Of Double The Hire Charge. This Is To Cover The Other Customer Incase The Costume They Choose Is A More Expensive Costume, Why Should They Pay For Someone Elses Mistakes.

If These Charges Are Not Paid &/or The Costumes Are Not Returned By The Due Date.     We Will Seek Legal Action Against The Offender,This Will Inturn Will Cause Them To Be Black Listed, And Extra Costs Will Be Applied, & A Full Replacement Charge will Be Applied For The Costume Or Parts Therein,That Have Been Lost, Stolen Or Damaged By Said Party.

Costume Hire Will Only Be Permitted On Production Of Proof Of Identity,
This Must Be In The Form Of ;
A) Passport
B) Driving Licence
C) Recent Utility Bill.

On Group Bookings, 6 Costumes For The Price Of 5, The Lowest Priced Costume Is Disregarded From Hire Charge,But The Bond Is Still In Force,
Charity & Fund Raising Discounts Are Available Please Call For More Information on 01253 591444.

We Stock A Selection Of Childrens Costumes, Prices Start From As Low As £5.00 Plus Security Which Starts From £20.00 also,

Postal Orders

Unfortunately, we do not Operate A Postal Hire Service Due To Costumes Not Being Returned,
Accessories However, We Can Arrange To Send Any Items, Full Payment Must However Be Made In Advance,
For Payment Details Please Call Us On 01253-591444

 Masks For All Occasions

We can easily cater for, Masquerade Balls, Childrens Fun Masks, Plastic Animal Face Masks & Horror Masks just call in-store to see our range or call us.

Make up & Jewellery

We Also Stock Face Paints,Stage Make-up & Jewellery We also have a wide Range Of False Eyelashes, Lip sticks, Eye Liners, TV Sticks, Eye Shaddows,
Lip gloss, Pencils. For large quantities we can order your items especially for you, please call us for details.


We Carry Over 2,500 Costumes,
This List Is In Catogories.........Prices on request.

Main List............................................................................
Ali G, Arabians, Clowns, Furry Animals Inc.... Snow Man, X-mas Tree,  Cat, Dog, Mouse, Seagull/Goose, Pooh-Bear, Tigger, Teddy Bear, Chicken, Frog, White Rabbit, Parrot, Gorilla, Penguin, Pink Elephant, Commical Cow Etc.

Giant Carrot, Surgeon, Doctor, Nurse, Cheerleaders,
  Spannish Ladies/Gents, Carribean, Hawaiians,
Bart Simpson, Fred Flintstone, Vicar, Cardinal,
Nuns By The Score, Mermaid, Sailors, Pirate`s,
Captain Hook, Town Criers, Morter & Gowns,
Rock & Roll Assortment.

LARGE 70`s Assortment Huge Selection of
Cow Boy`s & Indians,Anthony & Cleopatra,
Roman Soldiers,Court Jester,Henry VII,
Medieval Ladies & Gents Assortment,
Mexicans, Oriental, Large Horror Selection,
Elvis`s, Maddona`s, Marilyn Munroe`s, Cher,
Tina Turner,
Dolly Parton Man Size With Infatable Boobs,
Dorothy & Wizard of Oz Friends Good & Bad,
Abba Selection,Alice In Wonder Land,
Ring Master,Napoleon,Pince Charming,
Viking`s,Monks,Robin Hood,Sheriff Of Notts,
Maid Marion,Cavaliers,Muskateers,
His n Hers Regency, His n Hers Victorian,
Cruella Deville,Scots,Laurel & Hardy,WW1 UK & German Uniforms,Sally Army,,
PVC wpc,Old Style Bobbie,

Austin Powers,Dr Evil,The Mask,
Star Wars Selection,Henry The 8th,Sgnt Pepper Selection,Freddy Mercury,

KIDS COLLECTION..........................................
Over 150 Costumes In Various Sizes We Recommend You Bring Your Child To The Shop As The Sizes Differ So Much From Costume To Costume It Makes Life Easier All Round To Fit Them In Store,

Plus Many Many More Arriving All The Time,
If We Have Enough Time & We Don`t Have
What You Require We Could Make It For You,Or Order It In For You To Buy If You Wish ,





Costume    Hire & Security

--------------- --------- -------------

4x Dorothy ú18.00 ú20.00

Toto (dog) ú35.00 ú70.00

2x Tin man ú18.00 ú25.00

Cowardly lion ú18.00 ú25.00

Scare Crow ú18.00 ú20.00

Glinda googd witch ú18.00 ú25.00

Wicked witch west ú18.00 ú20.00

Wicked witch east ú18.00 ú20.00

Wizard ú18.00 ú20.00

Talking tree ú18.00 ú20.00

Rock ''''''''N'''''''' Roll Hire Security

Pink lady ú18.00 ú20.00

Blue polka dot ú18.50 ú20.00

Green polka dot ú18.50 ú20.00

Black R ''N'' R (Musical notes) ú18.50 ú20.00

Blue teddy (jacket only) ú16.00 ú20.00

Red teddy (jacket only) ú16.00 ú20.00

Red teddy suits ú20.00 ú35.00

Large T birds (black) ú20.00 ú40.00

Leathers (jacket and pants) ú18.00 ú35.00

Lesthers (jacket and shirt) ú18.50 ú20.00

Grease suit (white) ú20.00 ú25.00

Sat night fever suits ú20.00 ú25.00


Fat man blues brothers ú20.00 ú35.00

extra large teddy boy (pink and blue) ú18.00 ú20.00

large teddy boy (pink and blue) ú18.00 ú20.00

Supply own black pants


JASON ú 18.50 ú 20.00

HANNIBAL ú 18.50 ú 20.00

FREDDY KRUGER ú 18.50 ú 20.00

MENS DEVILS ú 18.50 ú 20.00

SPIDER WOMAN ú 18.50 ú 20.00

LILLY MUNSTER ú 18.50 ú 20.00

MUMMY (ladies) ú 18.50 ú 20.00

BRIDE OF FRANK N STIEN ú 18.50 ú 20.00



BLACK/SILVER ú 18.50 ú 20.00

BLACK/RED ú 18.50 ú 20.00

BLACK/GOLD ú 18.50 ú 20.00 BLACK/GREEN (large size) ú 18.50 ú 20.00

ORANGE ú 18.50 ú 20.00

GREEN ú 18.50 ú 20.00

MORIANNA ú 18.00 ú 20.00

MORTISHA ú 18.00 ú 20.00

GOMEZZE ú 22.00 ú 30.00

SPIDERELLA SEQUINED (small size) ú 18.00 ú 20.00

DARK LORD ú 18.00 ú 20.00

FRANK N STIEN ú 18.00 ú 20.00

BEETLE JUICE ú 18.00 ú 30.00



BLACK/SILVER WEB (dress & cape) ú 18.00 ú 25.00

BLACK/SILVER WEB (sexy dress/cape) ú 18.00 ú 25.00

BLACK PVC & NETT (dress & cape) ú 18.00 ú 25.00

BLACK/SILVER (gents suit & hat ) ú 18.00 ú 25.00

EVIL QUEEN (black/green) ú 18.00 ú 20.00

SPDERELLA (black/silver) ú 18.00 ú 20.00

BLACK/WHITE (ball dress) ú 25.00 ú 35.00

GRIM REEPER ú 18.00 ú 25.00

RED REEPER ú 18.00 ú 25.00

RAGGEDY REEPER ú 18.00 ú 25.00


SKULZOR ú 18.00 ú 25.00

GRAVE DIGGER ú 18.00 ú 20.00

SCREEMS ú 18.00 ú 20.00

MUMMY MALE ú 18.00 ú 20.00

WAREWOLF ú 18.00 ú 20.00

DRACULA`S ú 18.00 ú 20.00

MUMMY SMALL MALE (budget) ú 18.00 ú 20.00

BUILT UP FRANK N STEIN ú 22.00 ú 30.00

WIZARDS ( black/silver) ú 18.00 ú 25.00

MAD DOCTOR/SURGEON ú 18.00 ú 20.00

JACK THE RIPPER(delux costume) ú 22.00 ú 45.00

Period costumes Hire Security

Richard lion heart ú18.00 ú20.00

Medieval knight ú18.00 ú20.00

Henry 8th ú30.00 ú60.00

15 Wives (medieval ladies) ú18.00 ú20.00

Romeo ú20.00 ú30.00

Juliet ú18.00 ú20.00

Shakesphere ú25.00 ú50.00

Napoleon (blue/white) ú22.00 ú35.00

Napoloen (red/black) ú25.00 ú35.00

Josephine (grey/black) ú18.00 ú25.00

Catherine of Aragon ú30.00 ú60.00

High way man ú18.00 ú20.00

High way girl ú18.00 ú20.00

Delux high way man ú30.00 ú60.00

Buxom whench ú18.00 ú30.00

Regency''s man (blue) ú18.00 ú25.00

Regency''s ladies (blue) ú18.00 ú25.00

Medieval lord ú25.00 ú40.00

Medieval lady ú18.00 ú20.00

Medieval gent (gold) ú20.00 ú30.00

Medieval man (purple/blue) ú18.00 ú25.00

Muskateers ú18.00 ú25.00

Knave of heart''s ú18.00 ú20.00

Village idot''s ú18.00 ú20.00

Jester ú18.00 ú20.00

Budget king (red/purple) ú18.00 ú20.00

Marquis (black/silver) ú30.00 ú60.00

Black finger nail ú30.00 ú60.00

Town crier (stanard) ú18.50 ú20.00

Town crier (delux) ú22.00 ú30.00

Executioners (red/black) ú18.00 ú25.00

(black) ú18.00 ú25.00

(brown) ú18.00 ú25.00

Colonial man ú18.00 ú25.00

Colonial lady ú18.00 ú25.00

Black/tan blackadder ú20.00 ú30.00

Black black adder ú20.00 ú30.00

Man in iron mask ú20.00 ú30.00

Ladies viking ú18.00 ú20.00

gents viking ú18.00 ú20.00

Prince charming (grey/gold) ú30.00 ú60.00

(crier-red) ú22.00 ú30.00

(lord-gold) ú18.00 ú30.00

(pink) ú18.00 ú30.00

(chequered) ú18.00 ú30.00

(black/silver) ú30.00 ú60.00

Victorian Hire Security

Pink and black floral dress 18.00 20.00

Green floral dress 18.00 20.00

Chamber girl 18.00 20.00

Small black and white nanny 18.00 20.00

Blue/cream dress 18.00 20.00

White/green 2 piece 18.00 20.00

Red coach woman 18.00 25.00

Oliver style nanny 20.00 35.00

Mary Poppins 20.00 35.00

Rich black sequin 20.00 35.00

Red/black hunts woman 18.00 30.00

Red/black hunts woman style 18.00 30.00

Large black/white head nanny 18.00 30.00

Large blue floral ladies 2 piece 18.00 30.00

Sherlock holmes 30.00 40.00

Victorian gents (brown) 22.00 40.00

Jacket+hat Victorian gent (black) 18.00 30.00

Gents 70''''''''s Hire Security

All suits have Shirt/kravate/medallion

Suits purple ú20.00 ú25.00

red ú20.00 ú25.00

Blue ú20.00 ú25.00

White ú20.00 ú25.00

J.Travolta (white) ú20.00 ú25.00

Snakeskin ú20.00 ú25.00

Blue snake ú20.00 ú25.00

Green ú20.00 ú25.00

Orange pimp ú25.00 ú40.00

Purple pimp ú25.00 ú40.00

Variation of shirt/pants/waist coat/kravate/medalion

Brown (shirt,pants,tie) ú18.00 ú20.00

Red+blue ú18.00 ú20.00

Red+black ú18.00 ú20.00

Purple ú18.00 ú20.00

Orange ú18.00 ú20.00

Green (zig zag) ú18.00 ú20.00

Green/yellow ú18.00 ú20.00

Black white stars ú18.00 ú20.00

Grandad gear ú18.00 ú20.00

Denim flower hippy ú18.00 ú20.00

Multi flower hippy ú18.00 ú20.00

Rainbow hippy ú18.00 ú20.00

Punk dungereese ú18.00 ú20.00

Kaftans ú18.00 ú20.00

Dr who ú25.00 ú40.00

Sgt pepper (blue) ú20.00 ú50.00

Sgt pepper (purple) ú20.00 ú50.00

Marc Bolan (silver jacket feathers) ú18.00 ú25.00

Eminem (chainsaw/mask) ú18.00 ú30.00

Bay city roller ú18.00 ú25.00

Freddy Mercury ú18.00 ú25.00

Slade (Noddy Holder) ú22.00 ú30.00

Boy George (white top trouser) ú18.00 ú30.00

Gents Abba gold ú18.00 ú20.00

Gents Abba silver ú18.50 ú20.00

Blue/white ú18.00 ú20.00

White/gold ú18.00 ú20.00

Ladies 70`s Hire Security

Ladies Abba gold ú18.00 ú20.00

Ladies Abba silver ú18.00 ú20.00

Ladies Abba blue (lycra) ú18.00 ú20.00

Abba assorted ú18.50 ú20.00


Pink ú18.00 ú25.00

Snakeskin ú18.00 ú25.00

White ú18.00 ú25.00

Hot pants

Blue ú18.50 ú20.00

Green ú18.50 ú20.00

White (blue sequin) ú18.00 ú20.00



Short blue+gloves 18.00 25.00

Long red+boa (14/16) 20.00 30.00

All come with feather headress


Caracter Costumes Hire Security

Marylin Monroe (white) ú18.00 ú20.00

Marylin Monroe (red sequined) ú18.00 ú20.00

Madonna (blonde ambition) ú25.00 ú50.00

Ali G (yellow) ú18.00 ú30.00

70''s cher (suede sets) ú18.00 ú20.00

60''s Tina (shorts+blue sequin) ú18.00 ú20.00

Yoko Ono ú18.00 ú25.00

Dolly Parton (red sequin) ú18.00 ú20.00

(black tassle) ú18.50 ú20.00

Nanna Muskourine ú18.00 ú25.00


Chinese man (red/black) ú18.00 ú20.00

Chinese lady (red/black) ú18.00 ú20.00

Giesher (red) ú18.00 ú30.00

Mandarin (blue) ú18.00 ú25.00

Oriental ladies ú18.50 ú20.00

Anthony (rubber) ú35.00 ú80.00

Cleopatra (feathers) ú30.00 ú50.00

Anthony (PVC) ú25.00 ú50.00

Cleopatra (gold) ú18.50 ú20.00

Anthony (regular) ú18.00 ú20.00

Cleopatra (regular) ú18.50 ú20.00

Julius Cesear ú20.00 ú25.00

Roman lady ú18.00 ú20.00

Lady''s gladiator ú35.00 ú80.00

Roman gladiator (rubber) ú35.00 ú80.00

Roman solider (PVC) ú25.00 ú50.00

Queen of the Nile ú18.00 ú25.00

Carribean & Spanish

Carribean Hire Security

------------------------ ---------- -------------

Hulla Hulla ú18.00 ú10.00

Carribean ladies ú18.50 ú20.00

Mulite frill ú18.50 ú20.00

Carmen Miranda (dress) ú18.00 ú30.00

Flower print 2 piece ú18.50 ú20.00

Large flower print 2 piece ú18.50 ú20.00

Purple 2 piece ú15.00 ú20.00

Spainish Hire Security

------------------------ ---------- -------------

Gents matadore ú18.00 ú30.00

Bull (grey) ú20.00 ú30.00

Large red sequin gent''s flamenco ú18.00 ú20.00

Pink/black flamenco ú18.00 ú30.00

Multi colour flamenco ú18.00 ú20.00

Red/black flamenco ú18.50 ú20.00

Sexy carmen miranda ú18.00 ú20.00


Magenta ú18.50 ú20.00

Columbia (gols tails) ú18.00 ú25.00

Frankin furter ú18.00 ú25.00

Franky intle lab ú18.00 ú20.00

Rif raf ú18.00 ú25.00

Rocky ú18.50 ú20.00

Professor ú18.00 ú25.00

Brad ú18.50 ú20.00

Janet ú18.50 ú20.00

Leder housen (brown flower trim) ú18.00 ú30.00

Lederhausen (brown) ú18.00 ú20.00

Lederhausen (grey) ú18.00 ú20.00

Alpine lady ú18.00 ú20.00

Sci-Fi Hire Security

Han Solo ú18.00 ú20.00

Princess Lea ú18.50 ú20.00

Darth mail ú18.00 ú30.00

Small C3PO ú18.50 ú20.00

Cling on His ú18.50 ú20.00

Cling on hers ú18.50 ú20.00

OB1 Knobe ú18.00 ú20.00


Small spaceman ú15.00 ú20.00

Big green monster ú20.00 ú30.00

New OB1 (new film) ú20.00 ú35.00

Bobba felt ú20.00 ú35.00

Space aliens ú18.00 ú35.00

Christmas Hire Security

Snowman ú18.00 ú25.00

Christmas tree ú20.00 ú25.00

Cracker ú20.00 ú30.00

Fairies ú18.00 ú15.00

Snow queen ú18.00 ú20.00

Elf''s ú18.00 ú20.00

Miss Clause ú18.50 ú20.00

Stanard father christmas ú20.00 ú40.00

Delux father christmas ú45.00 ú100.00

Budget father christmas ú18.00 ú20.00

Angels (white) ú18.00 ú25.00


If You Need A Quick Answer ? Rather Than E-Mailing Us. I`d Suggest You Call Us On 01253 591444 11AM-6PM Tues-Sat THANKS...
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