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Ho Ho Ho Santa .UK

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Christmas Card

For just £6 you can email us at we can either send you a payment link, or you can forward us a payment via paypal at

Include your childrens names, and Santa will send your children a personalised Christmas Card,

mentioning them by name, the card will have a photo of Santa on the cover an envelope that makes it appear it has come from Santa at the north pole, 

Make your children feel special this Christmas...

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Email from Hohohosanta

HohohoSanta Email send us an email via for a payment link for £3.00

or send us a diect payment to  or use the shopping cart and follow through to the end....

Please include the names of your children and surname, Then... Sit at the cmputer with the children & write Santa an email and include everything your children want on the list, Santa will then respond with a lovely letter & include some of the gifts they ave asked for and their names he will send them a photograph of himself too for you to print off...

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If You Need A Quick Answer ? Rather Than E-Mailing Us. I`d Suggest You Call Us On 01253 591444 11AM-6PM Tues-Sat THANKS...
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